Fight or Flight?

Fight or Flight?

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I had this blog post whirling around in my head. So apologies if it’s not as polished as I’d like… it’s just random thoughts on a page at this stage.

Anxiety is usually triggered by something, whether we are conscious of it or not. A phobia, a fear of a situation, something big at work which we can’t predict the outcome to. Anxiety triggers a fight-or-flight reaction; it’s natural and it’s normal and it’s our bodies helping us out. I am a serious flight person. I fly away from any situation I don’t like, I avoid things to avoid anxiety. Sometimes this is the best thing for me to do, it’s self care. Sometimes I’d be better off facing it. Flying, for instance, is something I try and avoid now after two subsequent panic attacks on my last two flights. Avoiding it is not helpful. It only makes it worse.

Well, recently I faced an anxiety head on. Have you ever faced something, and come away wondering what on earth you were afraid of in the first place? The problem was built up so much in your head, and when you saw it, face on, it was small and insignificant. You are bigger than that. That’s what happened to me. I realised that my anxiety had made me worry about something that didn’t matter to me. At all. My life would go on happily regardless of it.

My point of this rambling is to say that if you are anxious about something, try and face it. OK, so maybe you won’t be able to do it the first time, second time, or ever. That’s OK too. But facing it sometimes just makes it completely disappear.