Anxiety Superheroes

Anxiety Superheroes

I have two cats, Teacake and Cinzano, and I love animals. In fact, when I haven’t had animals I find something is really missing in my life. My cats, along with so many other things, help me with my anxiety and mindful practice. Below are some of the things a pet can help you with if you’re having a tough time.

Animals are amazing at being mindful

Yep, animals are an incredible inspiration to me when trying to stay in the present. My cats don’t care about what happened in the past, and they certainly aren’t worrying about what will happen in the future. They live in the moment, and I try and take some tips from them when I’m struggling. “What would Teacake do?” She would probably just chill out and go to sleep.


Animals never judge you, or try to fix you

My cats have never said to me “you’re worrying over nothing”, or “there’s nothing wrong with you, everyone feels like this”. I can have a good rant to them, and just saying something out loud makes me feel better. I don’t necessarily need any advice. For those times, the cats are my perfect flat mates.

Animals are an incredible distraction

Have you ever played fetch with a dog, or watched a cat chasing a laser pen, and worried about something at the same time? No, me neither. Just interacting with an animal takes my mind off everything else and I am able to be in the moment. Providing for, and taking care of an animal is also a great way to conquer anxiety. The world may be completely falling apart around me, but Cinzano really wants her milk, and that is now more important than anything else. When I get a dog, I’ll have even more to do that I just won’t have time to worry! (Here’s hoping…) Your pet needs food and love, which really can distract you from everything else.

An upside down Cinzano

Animals are always home

Sometimes the world can be a lonely place. When you have a pet, someone is always around. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t a human being (in fact sometimes this is a bonus), it’s just nice to have another living thing sharing your space.


The best thing about our cats is that they love me, no matter what I am feeling. I will always take care of them as well as they take care of me.